I notice that some people have different titles, how do you get these?

Once you become a Brand Representative, you are able to earn a higher title as you help others grow their own Nu Skin businesses. As you help others develop healthy Groups and Teams, you are able to increase in title (and, in turn, earn a Leading Bonus).

The following chart shows the possible progressions available to a Brand Representative. G1 Sales Leaders refers to the number of Brand Representatives in the 1st Generation (G1) of your organization. For more information about Leadership Teams and LTSV click here

Sales Leader Title Requirements


G1 Sales Leaders

Leadership Teams

LTSV per Leadership Team

Leading Bonus - Paid Generations

Brand Partner
(Gold Partner)
Senior Brand Partner
(Lapis Partner)
Executive Brand Partner
(Ruby Partner)
Brand Director
(Emerald Director)
411 with 10K LTSV4
Senior Brand Director
(Diamond Director)
521 with 10K LTSV
1 with 20K LTSV
Executive Brand Director
(Blue Diamond Director)
631 with 10K LTSV
1 with 20K LTSV
1 with 30K LTSV
Presidential Director
(Team Elite)
641 with 10K LTSV
1 with 20K LTSV
1 with 30K LTSV
1 with 40K LTSV