How do I set up a Direct Deposit?

All Brand Affiliates are able to receive payments on earned commission bonuses. For information on how to earn commission bonuses, please see Velocity. The following information is not applicable to Members and Customers. 

Direct Deposits allow Nu Skin to send the commissions and other bonuses you have accrued in your Velocity Account into your checking or savings account. You can set up your Direct Deposit directly through the Profile (US/CA) section on Nu Skin's Website, and click on Direct Deposit.

Click on Direct Deposit in the left hand menu.

Please be aware that the name on your Nu Skin account and on your Direct Deposit account must match. If they are different, we will be unable to deposit your earnings into your bank account.

If you would like to change your Direct Deposit account, or in order to set up the account via Business Support, you will need to fill out and submit a physical Direct Deposit Form (US/CA) with a voided check to a Brand Affiliate Support agent for processing.