What is the Building Bonus?

The Building Bonus is an extra incentive you can earn after you complete Brand Representative Qualification. This allows you to earn a scaling bonus that starts at 5% on the Commissionable Sales Value (CSV)* of your first Building Block, and stretches all the way up to 40% on your 16th Building Block and beyond. You are paid on the CSV of each individual Building Block. Each Building Block is paid at the percentage associated with that Building Block only, as illustrated in the chart below.

Velocity Brochure

Incomplete blocks will only earn a Building Bonus (paid at the percentage of the last complete Building Block) if you complete a minimum of 4 Blocks. To learn more about the 4 block minimum, see What do I need to do once I have qualified? 

If you are unable to meet the minimum 4 block requirement, Flex Blocks may be used.