Nu Skin Vouchers

What are Nu Skin Vouchers? 

There are 3 different vouchers under Nu Skin Rewards. 


$15 USD ($20 CAD) VOUCHER:
For New Retail Customers and Members, Nu Skin will issue a $15 USD ($20 CAD) for those that subscribe for their first time as a Member or Retail Customer. This $15 USD ($20 CAD) voucher will only be available once.  

*New Retail Customers and Members is someone who has not had a subscription within the last 3 months.

$50 USD ($65 CAD) VOUCHER:
For our second voucher, you will be eligible for our 3 Month Subscription Voucher. This voucher can be earned by having a subscription for a total of 3 times during a 6-month period. That 6-month period begins the moment you place your first subscription order with this new loyalty program. 

- 3 orders on subscription within a 6-month period 
- Order a minimum of $75 USD ($99 CAD) on each subscription order

$150 USD ($200 CAD) VOUCHER: 
Starting August 1, 2023, we're adding a new voucher. You will receive a $150 USD ($200 CAD) voucher for maintaining your subscription orders with a minimum of $250 USD ($330 CAD) for 3 consecutive months. 


*ALL Voucher options will ONLY be available to redeem on one-time orders. 
*You will not be able to overlap vouchers, you will be eligible for our $50 USD ($65 CAN) or the $ 150 USD ($200 CAD) but cannot earn both during the same month period.