How do I qualify as a Brand Representative?

The process of becoming a Brand Representative is simply called Qualification, and the process is as follows:

First, develop a Group. This is important because you will need to meet Maintenance Requirements to keep your Brand Representative title.


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Once you have developed a healthy sales group, you are ready to submit your Letter of Intent. For more information regarding the Letter of Intent, see How do I begin qualification?

There are two potential Qualification paths you can follow:


Complete 12 Building Blocks, 4 of which are also Sharing Blocks, within 6 consecutive months. 

Qualification Monthly Minimum: Complete 2 Building Blocks each month, except the month you complete the Qualification Requirements.




Complete Accelerated Qualification: 10 Building Blocks, 4 of which are also Sharing Blocks, within 3 consecutive months and have 10 Registered Retail Customers, Members, or Brand Affiliates with a product order during Qualification months.





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Note: Qualifying Brand Representatives are moved up to the nearest Brand Representatives after finishing Qualification. Make sure you finish your first Qualification month in the same month or earlier than the month anyone in your Group finishes Qualification themselves to keep them in your Team.

Qualifying Brand Representatives who miss a month’s Qualification Monthly Minimum or don’t finish Qualification in 6 months, will need to submit a new Letter of Intent and begin Qualification again.