Are your products vegan friendly?

At Nu Skin, we do not state or claim that our products are suitable for vegans. The reason for this is that there are some products that contain animal byproduct ingredients. For example, Sunright Lip Balm contains beeswax.

Our Pharmanex supplements have not been formulated to be free of animal ingredients or animal byproducts (unless otherwise specified). The process of confirming whether a product is suitable for a vegetarian is not as simple as just looking at the ingredient. Unfortunately, raw ingredient suppliers are not required to track the plant versus animal origin of excipients (helper ingredients), unless Pharmanex/Nu Skin specifies the need for a vegan/vegetarian version of the ingredient.

At the present time, we are unable to certify, with absolute certainty, that there have been no animal derived ingredients used at some point in the manufacturing process of the raw ingredient before the raw ingredients are purchased by Pharmanex/Nu Skin. However, we can confirm that all ingredients used in Pharmanex products meet our stringent quality specifications according to the 6S quality process and legal regulations. 

Many Pharmanex products use gelatin-based capsules (either bovine, porcine, or a mix of the two) for their quality, reliability, and stability. These products will list gelatin as an ingredient on the label and, as such, are not vegan-friendly. If a vegetarian (non-gelatin) capsule is used, it is typically labeled as “hypromellose” instead.