When will my commissions get deposited into my bank account?

 All Brand Affiliates are able to receive payments on earned commission bonuses. For information on how to earn commission bonuses, please see Velocity. The following information is not applicable to Members and Customers. 

You must set up your Direct Deposit before your Velocity Account can send money to you.


A Velocity Account (also sometimes called a Flex Account or V&G Account) is a virtual account that reflects and contains all compensation activity, adjustments, and payments distributed by the Company. You receive this account when you become a Brand Affiliate. Your Velocity Accounts does not accrue interest. 

You may transfer your total available balance from your Velocity Account to your designated financial institution at any time. However, you will have to pay a small fee for transfers that you initiate. Nu Skin will automatically transfer the remaining Velocity Account balance at the start of each Weekly and Monthly pay period as long as the total balance in the Flex Account is at least $10 USD or $15 CAD. 

You can view your Velocity Account through Nu Skin’s Volumes & Genealogy (US/CA) page, clicking on Commissions, and then Earnings.