Can I combine different Pharmanex products?

Pharmanex supplements are designed to be complementary to each other and can usually be combined. However, there are a few combinations of products that are advisable to avoid. These are typically noted on the label. For example, Tegreen and other products that contain green tea extract carry the warning: “Do not exceed 1,200 mg of green tea extract in combination with other green tea extract-containing supplements.” BioGinkgo carries a similar warning, stating “do not take with any other ginkgo-containing products.”

In other instances, combinations are not recommended due to significant overlap in ingredients and ingredient amounts. ageLOC Vitality is the same formula as ageLOC R2 Day, so it is unnecessary to take both products simultaneously in markets where both are available. MarineOmega and Optimum Omega are both excellent sources of fish oil, so only one is necessary to obtain the benefits of essential fatty acids. Lastly, we do not recommend taking the full daily dose of LifePak in combination with another multivitamin (like another LifePak product, or another company’s multivitamin), as this provides significant and unnecessary overlap in nutrients.

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