Am I eligible for a sponsor change?

The following can be found in Chapter 1 Section 3.3 of our Policies and Procedures:

If you are a former Brand Affiliate, you may establish a new Brand Affiliate Account under a new Sponsor only if you have not engaged in any Business Activity (whether for your Brand Affiliate Account or the Brand Affiliate Account of another Person) for the indicated inactive period:

Account type during the 24 months preceding 
the most recent Business Activity
Inactive Period
If you ever achieved Brand Representative or higher
12 months
Brand Affiliate only
6 months

When the Company concludes that an inappropriate Sponsor change has occurred or has been solicited, the second-in-time Brand Affiliate Account may be returned to and be merged with the first-in-time Brand Affiliate Account and the Company may pursue other remedies listed in Chapter 6.

All Sponsor Change requests are handled by Brand Affiliate Support. For additional information see: Who is my sponsor?