How do I get Flex Blocks?

You are allotted Flex Blocks as soon as you become a Brand Representative, and you keep collecting them annually thereafter. All Flex Blocks will be added to your account in Volumes and Genealogy. Accumulation is as follows::

  1. In your 1st full month as a new Brand Representative, you get 3 Flex Blocks.
  2. In your 2nd month, you get 2 more Flex Blocks, for a total of 5.
  3. In your 3rd month as a Brand Representative, you are gifted a single additional Flex Block.
  4. Each year on your Brand Representative anniversary date, you get an additional 3 Flex Blocks!

And the best part? Flex Blocks never expire and there’s no limit on the number that you can accumulate. They will, however, be forfeited if you fail to maintain your Brand Representative status. But even then, you can regain unused blocks by completing a Restart.

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For more information on the purpose of Flex Blocks, click here.