How do I qualify to attend a Success Trip?

You must first qualify as a Brand Representative to begin earning Success Points. After qualifying as a Brand Representative, you can speak with our Brand Representative Support team for more individualized assistance in meeting the targets below.

You may qualify for a Success Trip by accumulating Success Points and achieving the minimum title required during the six-month trip qualification period: January-June or July-December. You can earn Success Points (SP) each month during the qualification period.

Success Points are linked to your sales volume and the sales volume of your sales team. This means that Success Points may be earned as you (1) share the product with others, and (2) build your consumer group and teach, train, develop, and mentor other sales leaders in your sales organization.

Three ways to earn Success Points

1. Volume Success Points – Earn 1 Point for each Building Block in your Group.

2. Leadership Success Points – Leadership Points are based on the PIN Titles of your G1 Brand Representative(s)* with at least 4 Building Blocks (2,000 GSV), who also meet the minimum Total Organization Volume requirement.

G1 Brand Representative TitleTOVSuccess Points
Brand Representative2,0004
Gold Partner4,0008
Lapis Partner6,00012
Ruby Partner10,00020
Emerald Director14,00028
Diamond Director18,00036
Blue Diamond Director26,00052

* Any first-generation Brand Representative that uses Flex Blocks during the qualification will not contribute toward Leadership Success Points during that month since they did not meet the 4 Building Block requirement. However, if they are a Leadership Team the Leadership Team bonus points may still be awarded (as shown below).

3. Leadership Team Bonus Points - Earn Leadership Team bonus points when your G1 Brand Representatives meet their Leadership Team Sales Volume requirements during a calendar month.

Leadership Team Volume10,000 LTSV20,000 LTSV30,000 LTSV40,000 LTSV
Leadership Team Bonus Points2468

Success Point Targets and Minimum Title Required to Attend

Success Trip IBrand Representative100
Success Trip IIBrand Representative150
Success Trip IIIRuby Partner200
Success Trip IVRuby Partner250
Success Trip V**Ruby Partner+100

** Each time you attend a Success Trip, your target will increase. Every time you reach the new target during a qualification period, you can earn another Success Trip. There is no limit to the number of trips you can earn (only one trip may be earned during each qualification period). Keep growing your business and keep attending!

 † The minimum Title required for each trip must be met by the final month of qualification.  Qualifiers must reach the Paid As Title by June or December depending on trip cycle.

Please review the terms and conditions for more details regarding the Success Trips and the rules of participation.