Flex Blocks FAQ

Q1: If I’m promoted before the end of the month, why don’t I see my Flex Blocks as soon as I become a Brand Representative?
A1: You don’t need them yet! Flex Blocks appear in your account the month after you finish Qualification, which is also the 1st month you’ll need to complete your 4 Building Blocks for monthly maintenance.

Q2: Flex Blocks really don’t expire?
A2: Nope—not as long as you’re a Brand Representative. And there’s no cap on how many Flex Blocks you can keep in your stash.

Q3: What are Flex Blocks worth?
A3: Flex Blocks do not provide Sales Volume or CSV, have no monetary value, and can’t ever be redeemed for cash—they are only used to help maintain Brand Representative status.

Q4: Can I share or transfer my Flex Blocks to a friend?
A4: No. Flex Blocks are gifted to celebrate your continued success and can only be used by you.

Q5: If my G1 Brand Representative uses Flex Blocks, does that impact my Brand Representative Title?
A5: Not at all! Your Title is determined by the number of G1 Brand Representatives and Leadership Teams, regardless of whether your G1 Brand Representatives use Flex Blocks.

Q6: What happens if I don’t have enough Flex Blocks to maintain my status as a Brand Representative?
A6: If you don’t have enough Flex Blocks, you’ll revert to Brand Affiliate status, but you’ll get to keep any remaining Flex Blocks in your stash. By completing Restart, you can get access to your stash again. 

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