What is an Ambassador?

A Nourish the Children Ambassador is a person who has not only donated through Nourish the Children to nourish starving children, but has adopted Nourish the Children as a personal cause. They have made a commitment to donate at least four bags of VitaMeal each month personally and have inspired others on their first level (personal, personal customers, and first level distributors) to donate an additional 12 bags each month. (Donations are made on the Automatic Delivery Program). After two months of the donations of 16 bags, the distributor becomes an Ambassador.

Ambassadors receive a special Nourish the Children Ambassador pin and certificate. The certificate is to be displayed and the pin worn with humility and pride to represent the children fed through these life saving donations. For information on five-year Ambassador and the Chief Ambassador program click here.

Beginning in April 1, 2019, all VitaMeal purchases will count toward both your Ambassador and Chief Ambassador qualifications—in addition to the purchases made via ADR orders today. The Ambassador qualification requirements remain the same at 16 bags per month for two consecutive months. At least 4 of those bags per month must be personally purchased by you, your customers, or members. The remaining qualifying bags may be purchased by you or by your personally sponsored Brand Affiliates.