What is the Leading Bonus?

The Lead portion of the Velocity Compensation Plan rewards Brand Representatives who work both to sell Products and to help others create their own Nu Skin sales businesses. For each Brand Representative you develop on your 1st Generation (G1), you can earn a Leading Bonus on their Group’s CSV. By developing more G1 Brand Representatives and meeting other benchmarks, you unlock the potential to earn a Leading Bonus on up to 6 Generations of your Team!

 The Leading Bonus
You begin earning this bonus when you have at least 4 complete Building Blocks - no Flex Blocks may be used. The Leading Bonus percentage changes based on the number of Building Blocks in your Group. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 6+ Blocks: Earn 5% or 10% on the Commissionable Sales Value of your Team
  • 4-5 Blocks: Earn 2.5% on the Commissionable Sales Value of as many generations deep as your title allows.
  • You must have at least achieved the title of Gold Partner to begin earning this bonus