Subscription Order Now


What does "ORDER NOW" on the Subscription Manage page do?
The "ORDER NOW" button creates a new subscription order (or an Override) that will take the place of your automatic subscription order for the current month. For example, if you normally have a monthly subscription order ship on day 20 o...
What payment types are accepted with the "Order Now" feature?
Nu Skin accepts the following payment methods for subscription "Order Now" orders: US Payment Options: American Express, Discover, Master Card and Visa. Canada Payment Options:  American Express, Master Card and Visa. ...
How many times can I use the "Order Now" feature with my subscription each month?
You may use the "Order Now" feature as many times as you want each month. The ORDER NOW button is found in your Subscription  Manage page online.
Does "Order Now" change my subscription permanently?
No. The "Order Now" feature does not permanently change your subscription order. Changes made to your order after pressing the "Order Now" button will only be applied to that one order. 
If I use "Order Now," will that change my ship date?
No. If you use "Order Now" on your subscription, it will not affect your specified subscription ship date for each following month.
How do I ship my subscription products now?
To ship your subscription products now, you may use a feature called "Order Now." This can be used to ship your subscription order right away.  1. You may access this feature by logging into your account and going to Subscription &...