ADR Points


What are ADR Product Points?
ADR Product Points (not to be confused with SV ) are rewards points that can be earned by purchasing product through the ADR program. Although ADR Product Points are separate from Sales Volume, we use the Sales Volume to calculate ADR point earning...
How are ADR Product Points earned?
ADR Product Points are earned on any ADR order that has a minimum of 50 SV. Any ADR order with less than 50 SV will NOT earn points. All qualifying ADR orders in a given month can contribute to your point total up until you reach the maximum amount ...
When are my ADR Product Points awarded?
ADR Product points are awarded on the first business day of each month (unless it is a new ADR - then points are awarded on the 1st day of the 3rd month). All points earned from the previous month's ADR purchases will be tallied and awarded on t...
Can I redeem my ADR Product Points immediately after I placed the ADR order?
No. ADR Product Points are awarded on the first business day of each month for the previous month's purchases. They may only be redeemed after they become visible on your account.
How can I see how many ADR Product Points I have available?
You can check online or over the phone through the Support Center (1-800-487-1000 - Option 1). To see your ADR Product Points online, first login and navigate to ADR Manage: Top left-hand corner of screen Once in ADR Manage,  you can...
How are ADR Product Points redeemed?
ADR Product Points may be redeemed online via the ADR Manage tool or via our Support Center, if needed. ADR Product Points may only be redeemed if they cover the cost of the entire product. For example, you may not use ADR Product Points to pay fo...
Can I redeem my ADR Product Points in other country's markets?
No. You may only redeem ADR Product Points in the country where they were earned. For example, if you have an ADR in the US market, then you may only redeem your ADR Product Points in the US market.
If I return a product, will the ADR Product Points I earned be deducted?
Yes. The amount of ADR Product Points that the product you are returning earned, will be deducted from your total points.
If I cancel my ADR, do I lose my ADR Product Points?
Yes. Your ADR Product Points will be deleted at the end of the month in which your ADR is cancelled.
Are there products that do not earn any ADR Product Points?
Yes. Some products do not earn ADR Product Points. These products are including, but not limited to... accessories, discounted products and packages, and most promotional products and packages (except ADR packages).
Are there any restrictions to what I can purchase with ADR Product Points?
Yes. You may only purchase Nu Skin and Pharmanex products. This excludes some product packages, discounted products and promotional packages, ADR promotional packages, Nourish the Children VitaMeal bags and other products that are marked as res...
Do I earn SV on the products I redeem with ADR Product Points?
No. There is no SV granted for products redeemed with ADR Product Points.
Do I pay taxes and shipping costs when I use ADR Product Points?
Yes. In the US and Canada, you must pay any sales tax that would be applied to the items redeemed with ADR Product Points. However, you do not need to pay shipping costs if your free products are added to an existing ADR or to another order that ind...
Can I return a product that I purchased with ADR Product Points?
No. Products purchased with ADR Product Points are non-refundable.
Do overrides affect my ADR Product Points?
No. Override orders will not affect your ADR Product Points. You will still earn ADR Product Points on your override orders, just as you would from your normal ADR order.
Can I pay for a product partially with ADR Product Points and the rest with another payment method?
No. You must pay for the product in full with ADR Product Points. You cannot do a partial payment with ADR Product Points and the rest with a credit card or any other form of payment.