ADR Skip


What is an ADR Skip?
A "skip" is when your ADR order does not ship for a specified month. This may only be done by you online, or by calling the Support Center. Skips may only be done one month at a time.
How do I "Skip" an ADR shipment?
To "Skip" an ADR shipment, log in to your online account and navigate to Manage ADR . Use the following steps to "Skip" this month's shipment: 1. Under Orders , select the " Skip a Shipment" button: Select S...
How many "Skips" do I have per year?
There are unlimited "Skips" per calendar year.
How long does an ADR Skip last?
An ADR Skip will last for one scheduled delivery. After a "skip" is complete, the ADR will automatically resume its regular shipping schedule. If more skips are required, they will need to be placed individually and only one at a time. For...
If I "skip" my ADR, does it hold all shipments from my account?
No. An ADR Skip will only affect the ADR of your choice. If you have more than one ADR inquiry on your account, you will need to "skip" each one separately. You may also make one-time, regular orders separate from your ADR orders.